We are Hiring!

Full-Time Delivery Driver and Warehouse Assistant

Brick is an award winning independently run brewery.  Since 2013 we have been building our brewery in a railway arch in Peckham Rye, SE London and last summer we expanded with an additional production site in Deptford, which means more beer, for more people.  This also means we need more people to join our growing team of passionate individuals to drive the brand forward, literally.

As part of this growth, Brick Brewery is currently seeking a full-time delivery driver and warehouse assistant. The main duties of the role require 3 to 4 days delivering stock with the remainder of the week working at the brewery on warehouse duties

Role Responsibilities:

  • Delivering and collecting stock
  • Loading and unloading vehicles
  • Route planning
  • Warehouse management and inventory/stock management
  • Any other duties as assigned by supervisor

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carry out warehouse duties including keeping the warehouse clean and tidy
  • Follow company delivery processes including delivery note signatures, picking stock
  • Be responsible for inspecting van/truck before and after trips and report any defects to Line Manager
  • Collect and be responsible for all cash on delivery payments where necessary
  • Provide excellent customer service to all accounts and be a responsible Brand Ambassador
  • Liaise with repair garages when needed
  • Assist in the packaging of product
  • Maintain the highest standards of warehouse, health, safety and cleanliness
  • Ensure that the vans/trucks are clean inside and out, cleaning out at the end of a working day
  • Picking stock through the use of a forklift


  • Must be 25 years of age or older for insurance reasons
  • Right to live and work in the UK
  • Hold a full clean current UK driving license
  • Forklift license or training
  • Sociable, self-motivated, team player but also able to work independently
  • Have excellent customer relationship skills – polite, responsive and helpful
  • Knowledge of traffic laws and highway code
  • Ability to speak, read and write English language essential
  • Excellent numerical skills
  • Physically fit and able to move heavy items is essential
  • Interest in Beer is a definite bonus

Please apply by sending a covering email saying why you are right for the role along with a copy of your CV to info@brickbrewery.co.uk Please be sure to put “Delivery Driver and Warehouse Assistant” in the subject field.  Applications without a covering letter will not be accepted.

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Salary and Benefits

  • £22,660 p.a. (40 hour week)
  • Company Pension scheme
  • Charity/Community day leave
  • Free beer! (when not driving of course!)

Brick is a London Living Wage Employer

Please note that this role involves heavy lifting and manual handling, bending and sitting for long periods

Closing date Friday, 12thJuly 2019.

Thought of the day

A word from our founder and MD….

The UK beer scene is changing.  In the past two weeks we’ve seen some pretty huge announcements and all seem to be related to Crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding sites clearly state any investment is at risk which I’m sure mitigates any responsibility on their part should the business miss-manage the funds and, as we’ve seen this week, money raised for one thing is spent in other areas.  My prediction is we’ll see more and more beer related businesses having used equity crowdfunding, fall short and close their doors leaving investors scratching their heads and wondering where their hard-earned money has gone for that portion of an over-inflated, over-valued business.

Back in 2018 we did crowdfund to upgrade our community lead tap room and make it a better and more accessible space for everyone. But in doing so, we chose the rewards route rather than equity, because we wanted people to feel a part of a specific project that was going to take place at a specific time and get their returns immediately and to be honest, without risk.  The rewards were of all different scales and sizes such as doubling donations in beer tabs, purchasing merchandise and experiences, all of which have been enjoyed by numerous people not just locally but across the country too. It gave us an opportunity to engage more directly with people who have supported us since the beginning and give them on some occasions, something unique for them to enjoy as a big thank you.

We at Brick pride ourselves in our independence.  We’ve grown steadily and carefully, budgeting, buying new equipment when needed, not when it would be nice to have.  We’ve built a solid workforce of dedicated and talented people.  We remain a family business and intend on keeping it that way by reinvesting back into the business.  Of course the temptation is strong to have the newest, shiniest, biggest, fastest brewery and in some ways running a crowdfunding campaign would be an easy path to get there but we’re not about easy.  We are dedicated to our craft and dedicated to the business.  We won’t cut corners or compromise.  We’ll build this business piece by piece and Brick by Brick.


Founder and Managing Director


New Beer: Lime and Habanero Pale Ale

Lime and Habanero Pale Ale, 4.4%

Brick Brewery has always had a personal affiliation with Mexico and the flavours of Central America. Ian once owned and ran a Mexican street food truck before starting Brick and many of the team have travelled extensively throughout that area of the world, bringing back fond memories of food and flavours. We’ve finally put this nostalgia into a beer with the release of our latest special beer; Lime and Habanero Pale Ale.

Using HBC 472 hops, an experimental Neomexicanus hop, its aroma this hop brings are considered unique additions to a beer. Initially earthy with notes of coconut, the finish delivers a surprisingly fruity note, perfect for adding depth of flavour.

Commonly used in Mexican cooking, fresh habanero chillies were to the whirlpool and FV to impart their sweet, fruity and mild spice flavour. The addition of fresh lime zest adds a refreshing lift to the hops and mild spice to bring a recognisably Mexican flavour. Using primarily HBC 472 hops has resulted in a Pale Ale that has a juicy, tropical fruit flavour with very little bitterness.

Lime and Habanero Pale Ale will be available for trade sales Tuesday 22nd April and launched at the Taproom Sunday 5th May.

Cinco de Mayo

To coincide with the launch of our Lime and Habanero Pale Ale, we are a Cinco de Mayo day on 5th May. A celebration of Mexican heritage, there will be loads of activities and entertainment throughout the day for all the family:


Salsa Sauce Competition

Think you make the best salsa? We’re having a salsa-off to find the best salsa maker in South East London! Bring along a bowl of your home-made salsa to the Taproom to be tasted and judged by customers throughout the day and, finally, judged by sauce kings; Slow Richie’s to be in the chance of winning a £50 Taproom voucher! Simply drop off your salsa to the Taproom on Sunday 5th May by 1pm.

Email nadia@brickbrewery.co.uk to register your salsa entry by the 3rd May or fill out a form when you’re next in the Taproom!

Keep up to date with the Cinco de Mayo event here

New Beer: Stone Fruit and Amarillo Sour


Stone Fruit and Amarillo Sour, 4.0%

The newest release in our Sour Series, this Stone Fruit and Amarillo Sour using the stone fruit flavours of peach, mango and apricot this beer is fruity, juicy and tart. Dry-hopped with Amarillo hops results in a big hoppy, bitter finish that stops the beer from being too sweet and remains sessionable.

Using a new local artist for these label designs, we sat down with graphic designer and student Karthik Sowbaghyanathan to find out a bit more about himself and how he created this beautiful label for us!

Tell us a bit about yourself, Karthik…

My name is Karthik (well, actually I have a 13-letter first name and a 15-letter last name) and I am a designer, currently doing my MA in graphic communication design at Central St. Martins. I did bachelors in engineering and so my practice mostly involves a combination of the two. I dabble with illustrations on the side. My other interests include all things pop culture and it also shapes the way that I work and live. I also did quite a bit of theatre during my bachelors and that’s where my interests in telling narratives through design started.

What is your background and where did you grow up?

I am from Chennai, India and live there for 21 years of my life before moving to London for my Masters. It is a lovely city, with a lot of eclectic cultures. I lived in the same neighbourhood all my life and it has shaped my life tremendously and is always a place of comfort.

What does a typical day look like for you…

A nice breakfast with some really strong coffee to kickstart my day. I usually tend to always be in Uni since I find it much easier to work there. It’s a 20-minute walk from where I live and I absolutely love that. Then it’s a 7-hour juggle between my course work and all the freelance projects that I have. My evenings are spent usually hanging out with friends or just being on YouTube for hours together. And before I know it, it’s 2am and time for bed.

How do you like to work?

I aim to invoke some sort of response from the viewer through my work. I love to use narratives in my work and trying to weave stories around it. Collaboration is something that I value a lot and I try to make the most of collaborations every chance I get. I usually try to bounce ideas off my friends before I jump into realising them. I also have a firm belief in design being used a medium for intervention rather than problem solving and I try to incorporate this belief in every personal project that I do.

p.s: I have the odd habit of working with my headphones on but not listening to any music because I like how it dampens all the noise around me.

What/who inspires you and your work?

Pop culture has had a major influence on my work. I got into design after being inspired by design in pop culture from simple movie posters, or set designs or even props like those designed by Annie Atkins. I usually go on random walks around London during the weekend and they end up inspiring me in the most interesting ways possible.

Where or what is your favourite spot in South East London?

Aah, living in North London, I haven’t had a chance to visit as many places in South/South East London as I would’ve liked to, but there are certain places that I love going back to. I love the markets in Brixton for their culture and the amazing food. I always love a good walk along the southern bank of the Thames. Peckham Plex is always a good bargain everytime I want to watch a movie but don’t want to spend much!

Check out more of Karthik’s work:



Stone Fruit and Amarillo Sour will be available in keg and can exclusively at our Taproom this Friday 19th April before general release next week.

Taproom Exhibition: Yoshiko Phillips x Intoart

From Thursday 11th April we welcome back Intoart and Yoshiko Phillips for another mural exhibition on our Taproom wall. Yoshiko first exhibited her work on our Taproom wall back in April 2018 and we are so excited her bright and fantasical characters have found a home with us for the next few months.

Yoshiko Phillips

Yoshiko Phillips creates artworks that are full of merry characters, dazzling colour combinations and bold, calligraphic linework. Her practice has been inspired by a range of sources including traditional Japanese embroidery, Baroque architecture and the natural world.

Yoshiko has recently applied her unmistakable style to a number of design projects including a collaboration with prestigious knitwear designers John Smedley; a large-scale installation for the walls of Charing Cross Hospital, as well as creating a number of bespoke Intoart products and prints.

Her current body of work has been based around the study Japanese spirits, apparitions and monsters known as Yokai. Yoshiko has created dozens of characters for this project each one brimming with a mixture of charm and mischievousness. The mural at the Brick Brewery Taproom brings four of her favourite Yokai together in a stunning large scale composition. Yoshiko has been a member of the Intoart collective since 2015.


About Intoart

Intoart is an art and design studio working inclusively with people with learning disabilities practising as artists. The collective of 21 artists and designers work from their studio in Peckham, South London.

Intoart aims to provide a platform for people with learning disabilities to become both visible and equal in the art world – not merely applauded for participating, but recognised and respected as creatives in their own right. Since its foundation, Intoart has realised exhibitions, art commissions and research projects with contemporary art galleries and museums in the UK and internationally, including Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate, Southbank Centre and Whitechapel Gallery. Intoart’s design studio spans illustration, product and graphic design, print, textiles, ceramics and fashion, resulting in distinctive product ranges, limited edition prints and creative collaborations.

Brick Brewery Printmakers Fair

To celebrate the launch of this new exhibition with Intoart and Yoshiko, we are hosting a Printmakers Fair for you to come and purchase screenprints, digital prints, greeting cards and t-shirts from some amazing local artists this Saturday 13th April from 1pm-5pm.

Prints from:

FREE ENTRY! Enjoy browsing the stalls over a few pints and a Slow Richie’s…

Find out more about the Printmakers Fair here

Find out more about Intoart and their brilliant collective here

Follow Intoart on Instagram 

Check out Yoshiko Phillips’ and Intoart’s exhibition from now until the beginning of June.

New Collaborative Beer: Buraz

NEW BEER: Buraz, East Coast IPA

Back in February we welcomed Tom and Filip from The Garden Brewery to brew a reciprocal beer to our Rosehip and Wild Sorrel Sour collaboration Pete helped them brew over in Croatia last November. Buraz is an East Coast IPA which showcases a new hop in the market; Sabro. Sabro exhibits an intoxicating and complex blend of fruity and citrus flavors. It is described as an intensely unique hop, notable for its complexity of fruity and citrus flavors, including distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit flavors, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream. The combination of Sabro, Citra and Vic Secret hops resulted in a super juicy IPA with heavy notes of mango, passionfruit and a coconut sweetness.

Using a new local artist for these label designs, we sat down with illustrator and graphic designer Mathilda Della Torre to find out a bit more about herself and how she created this beautiful label for us!

Hi Mathilda, tell us a bit about yourself…

Hello! My name is Mathilda and I am an illustrator and graphic designer, currently doing a Master’s in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. I love the sunshine, drawing, falafel, London, charity shops and any shade of pink. I use my practice as a way to look closer for longer, to portray how I see small portions of the world, to bring people together through creative exchanges and visual conversations and to position peripheral voices in the centre of our stories.


What is your background and where did you grow up?

I am half French and half Italian and I’ve been living in London for 6 years now. I moved around Europe quite a lot when I was growing up, so I tend to feel at home really quickly and almost anywhere. But right now London feels like home and I’m so happy here.


What does a typical day look like for you…

  • Porridge and coffee for breakfast.
  • Cycling to uni, preferably in the sunshine.
  • Working on projects both for my course and as a freelancer in our studio, library, canteen or anywhere else where I can focus.
  • Feeling hungry again 30 minutes after having lunch.
  • Having a few breakdowns and sometimes (rarely) having a creative breakthrough.
  • And then ideally going home or out and doing something nice with friends or family. But more realistically, doing emails and more admin at home and then going to sleep very early.


How do you like to work?

By putting people at the centre of my practice, and by always working with or for people whose ethical values align with mine. I only realised how much I liked collaborating with others pretty recently, but there’s something really fulfilling about exchanging and challenging each other’s ideas, combining skills and creating something that has little bits of everyone. Whether that is to illustrate a label for a beer that people will share together or to create a set of workshops based on exchanges and visual exercises on our perception of India after travelling there. I’m also part of a design collective called ‘On The Mend’, and we are committed to improving health and wellbeing environments. At the moment, we are focusing on creating events that educate the public about current health topics through the use of design. This is definitely the way I love to work.

Find out more about On The Mend and their projects here: onthemend.me/


What/who inspires you and your work?

As cliché as it sounds, I’m inspired by my environment and everything that is happening around me, which is why I’m slightly obsessed with traveling and constantly living in new places. These are some of the things that have recently really inspired me:

  • Travelling to Jordan.
  • Reading ‘Breaching Borders: Art, Migrants and the Metaphor of Waste’ by Juliet Steyn.
  • Watching (again) ‘Human Flow’ directed by Ai WeiWei.
  • Listening to Maggie Rogers’ new album ‘Heard It In A Past Life’.
  • Seeing Grace Wales Bonner’s ‘A Time for New Dreams’ exhibition at Serpentine Gallery.
  • Reading Migrant Journal Issue 1 ‘Across Country’.
  • Discovering the charity Headway East London and the Submit To Love Studios (a collective of artists who have survived brain injuries).
  • Going to a talk by Elif Shafak.


Where or what is your favourite spot in South East London?

I studied my BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, so I spent 3 years exploring South East London. I loved living there and I have made so many memories there. These are a few of my favourite places:

  • The food at Persepolis in Peckham (and the friendliest staff).
  • The beer garden at Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton.
  • The prints in Studio 74 in Brixton Market (I sell some of my screen prints there too!).
  • The view from Frank’s Cafe at Bold Tendencies in Peckham (eagerly waiting it for it open again in the summer!).
  • The Traid charity shop in Peckham.
  • The gallery space and book shop at South London Gallery in Camberwell.


Find more of Mathilda’s work here:




Join us on Friday 22ndMarch as we launch Buraz at the Taproom before general sale on Monday 25thMarch. We are holding a FREE tasting session to taste both the Buraz and Citrus Sour, lead by one of our brewers to find a bit more about the beers. Get your ticket here.

The Taproom is open as usual all weekend to try the beer exclusively too!

GM Vacancy

Job Opportunity – General Manager

Brick Brewery started in Peckham, London in December 2013 producing beers inspired from around the world.  Having expanded three times already, in 2017, the brewery secured an additional production facility in Deptford.  As such the existing brewery and taproom space underwent an expansion and subsequent refurbishment resulting in a significant increase in potential footfall. The refurbishment has increased the offering to customers on site and created a craft beer destination in Peckham.

Brick are looking to hire an experienced general manager to add to the ever-growing team. We are looking for someone who is passionate about beer and customer service and wants to be part of a dedicated team in a fast growing market sector. This is a hands-on role and requires someone who can lead by example in developing the Taproom in a rapidly changing area.

The General manager will be responsible for promoting and running the taproom and assist in driving the brewery brand forward.  The role will require a confident individual capable of discussing Brick beers and the trends in craft brewing in general.  The individual will have a strong background in cellar management, personnel management and customer service.


  • Manage the Taproom
  • Cellar Management to include responsibility of beer lines, beer styles, stock rotation, cleanliness of work area and sourcing complimentary guest beers.
  • Create, run and oversee taproom events including tap takeovers, meet the brewers, seasonal events (Oktoberfest, Cinco de Mayo etc.)
  • Staff management including employment, training, scheduling, supervising on shift. Delegating tasks to Duty Manager and bar staff colleagues.
  • Manage ePOS system and prepare weekly reports for the Directors.
  • Managing GP % and Staff costs, achieving targets set.
  • Cash handling including banking, weekly P&L
  • Stock ordering, handling and rotation. Entering products into our till database.
  • Opening and closing the bar, overseeing that the bar is functional, presentable and clean.
  • Monitoring health and safety for both customers and staff, keeping records of risk assessments, refusals, accidents and incidents.
  • Working closely with local communities.

What you need to have:

  • 2 years experience in a management role
  • Personal License
  • Passion and enthusiasm and knowledge of all things beer
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Strong cellar management skills, confident dealing with different types of kegs, changing regulators, increasing and reducing gas pressures, line cleaning.
  • Strong communication skills, line of contact between bar team and the brewery and vice versa.
  • Experience and confidence in multi-tasking and be someone who can manage multiple projects and events work from conception to completion
  • Confidence with the Brick Brewery brand and promotion.
  • Staff management experience
  • Ability to work well independently but also as part of a broader team
  • Working knowledge of Excel and Google programs (Sheets, Docs, Calendar), Outlook.
  • Permission to work in the UK


  • Knowledge of local licensing policies
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Knowledge of EposNow
  • Network of contacts with other breweries and suppliers

What you get:

  • £30k per year plus bonus
  • The opportunity to work in an exciting and vibrant location with a great team of people

If this sounds like you, please send your CV alongside a brief cover letter saying why you are right for this role to:


Closing date is 18th March 2019

Brick is a London Living Wage Employer.

This job description is not exhaustive and you may be required to carry out other duties as requested





Our Taproom: 1 Year On

1 Year of the (new) Tap by Trudie, Taproom Manager

In December 2017 we closed the Taproom doors to move the brewery out to our new unit at Deptford. We used this opportunity to expand our Taproom, almost quadrupling the amount of taps and expanding our offer to include more cider, wine and spirits. 2018 was a year of celebration for us as we introduced launch tastings, showcases, created a new exhibition space and celebrated our 5thyear in the local area.

Celebrating the Beer
Expanding our offer coincided with the expansion of the brewery also. In 2018, we upped our specials game with the ongoing Sour Series, and introduced Peck and Blackhorse to our seasonal Framing Range. We have released around 36 Brick specials at the Taproom, some of them exclusives. To put that into perspective it’s like releasing a new beer every 8 days! Nothing beats our core Foundation Range, however, smashing out over 21,000 pints of Peckham Pale, 19,000 Peckham Pils, 10,000 Peckham IPA and over 3,000 pints of Peckham Rye.

With 18/22 taps dedicated to beer we also committed to source a small range of international specials. Our goal is to constantly offer something different, either showcasing lesser-known breweries in the UK like the formidable French brewers Popihn and Mont Salève or seeking out extra specials from established brewers like Prairie Artisan Ales and The Bruery. This is also the way we structure our offering of bottles and cans, having a good balance in style, abv and price alongside our own releases. In April, we introduced a whole shelf of Gluten-Free beer options. This has been loved by many who would like to explore beer styles yet have a gluten intolerance and in December we decided to keep a wider range of low-no alcohol beer to cater to even more of you!

Celebrating the Non-Beer
Our ciders, wine and gin all come from London-based distributors or distillers. The cider comes from Walthamstow-based The Real Al Company and Hawkes in Bermondsey, our wine from Les Vins de Sylvain in Honor Oak and we regularly get gin from both East London Liquor Company and Peckham’s own Little Bird. Square Root, based in Hackney, provide all of our soft drinks including our beautiful Artemesia Tonic which we use for the gin and Serious Pig just a few arches down supply us with most of our snacking offer.
In December, we introduced a selection of 3 whisk(e)ys to our offer, of varying flavour profiles. At the moment we are serving Redbreast 12, Lagavulin 16 (my personal favourite) and Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve.

Celebrating our Staff
Of course, we would be nowhere without our dedicated team of bar staff. These are the lovely faces you see every day at the tap. We value their work immensely and this is why the decision was made in January 2018 to join the Living Wage Foundation, ensuring they are paid fairly and committing to matching the yearly changes. The dynamic we have built over the past 12 months feeds naturally into the service we provide creating a positive vibe all round. A massive shout-out to Jenny, my right-hand woman who joined us in April and who has been a phenomenal addition to the small management team and to Adam, Tallulah, Jesse, Alex, Sam and Will who make working at the Taproom such a pleasure!


Celebrating our Customers
Our customers; old and new, regular and passers-by are at the centre of this little patch of Peckham we inhabit. We keep our regular beer launches and tastings at the price of the beer offered to make the events as accessible as possible. We always ensure that a member of either the brew team or management are hosting to keep conversations open and to listen to feedback. Your opinion matters to us and throughout the year we brought a number of Taproom Exclusives from the brewery to you like the Rhubarb & Custard Sour, Beetroot Sour (my favourite!) and the many special beers for our showcases. The reactions we get to these specials sometimes influence our decision-making processes, so keep on chatting to us or posting and sharing your thoughts on social media.

Celebrating our Future
In a constantly changing Peckham our challenge has been to constantly adapt to our customer’s needs. Going forward in 2019 our goal is to make our launches and tastings more engaging and in-depth by the introduction of radar charts. We also want to make our events and exhibitions more dynamic by offering workshops, holding fairs and improving on our celebration showcases and festivals from last year. This year we also plan to research and action a plan to reduce our use of plastic and general waste, and increase the amount of items we recycle, including a plan to recycle any Keykegs that come in for special beers. We hope to keep running with our theme of Celebration for years to come, and we hope you will all join us!

Classic Cocktails, re-interpreted

We’ve taken a new and innovative approach to our Sour Series for 2019 with the addition of a new collection, called the Heritage Sour Series. These beers will have added complexities such as wood ageing or inspired by cocktails of old, or both, creating a depth and twist that compliments their Fruit Sour Series.

The first releases in this series are two vermouth cocktail-inspired beers; Manhattan Sour and Martini Sour.

Manhattan Sour: Styled on the classic cocktail, the Manhattan Sour blends sweet cherry with a dash of bitter orange.  Cinnamon and Ginger create a warmth alongside rich, sweet and fruity notes from ageing on cherry wood.  This dark sour harnesses the classic recipe made famous by New York’s speakeasies

Martini Sour: White grape, peach and lemon peel provide a delicate contrast to the dry base of this sour. Added chamomile, coriander seed and cardamom bring a level of complexity that defies expectation.  Classic, balanced, refined.  Olive not required.

Continuing to work with up and coming local artists and creatives, in addition to the different approach to the beers, we’ve also moved our inspiration for the artwork for this series on to the next era. They will follow a Mid-Century Modern influence which came directly after the Art Deco period for which the designs for the Fruit Sour Series are based. Function dictates form, with the flashy designs ditched and stripped down and organic clean lines embraced.

Using a new local artist for these label designs, we sat down with designer and creative Ted Low to find out a bit more about himself and how he approached this new label project for us!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Ted, 32 years old, and totally obsessed with sports and design. I loved playing basketball competitively but I’m not able to do it anymore due to an Achilles injury. Now instead I go running or surfing whenever I can get to the sea. Best of all, I love watching sports while enjoying a beer. Design is my second love and it’s awesome that I get to do it as my job. I’m always in awe at the breadth of talent in the design industry and the designs people create. I’ve lived in London now for six years after living in Brighton, Switzerland and South Africa.

What is your background and where did you grow up?

I’m originally from South Africa and feel like it was instilled in me from an early age by both my parents to be really proud of my South African nationality and how far the country has come. For my dad this meant making sure we watched all of South Africa’s rugby matches. As a family we left South Africa when I was three and half for Geneva, Switzerland as my dad was offered a new job. Upon arrival I apparently tried to leave the airport terminal bare footed and refused to put on shoes, even though there was snow on the ground. Switzerland was quite an adjustment at first, we really missed our family and friends in South Africa but looking back growing up with my older sister in Switzerland was great.

What does a typical day look like for you…

In September I started a Graphic Design studio with my friend and business partner Ryan Sargent, and shortly thereafter quit my regular full-time job, so I’m not too sure what a typical day looks like yet! Sometimes I’m out meeting clients, working from a coffee shop or I end up going to the office where I do most designing. As a company we just finished a branding project for a local café. Currently I’m working on a community mural and putting together proposals for new jobs. If I’m not too tired I try to get a run in before taking it easy in front of the TV, especially during the winter months.

How do you like to work?

When doing client work, my ideal scenario after getting the brief is to give myself the time and freedom to be creative. It usually gives me the biggest breadth of designs and I get to choose from a ton of designs and just present the best ones. For example, Martini Sour had 38 different designs but I only presented a few. If I’m doing personal work I tend to come up with a concept or idea for a design which challenges me to learn a new program, skill or technique to execute it in the way I envisioned it at the start. Say like learning how to code to create a website or testing out a new technique in animation software. I also can’t stand to work alone when doing design. Where possible, I aim to work in the company of other creatives, so that I can always get a second eye on something.

What/who inspires you and your work?

I’m always curious to see something new from Aaron Draplin, he’s so talented and I love his style of design but what I respect most about him is that he’s such a welcoming and genuine guy. I also hugely admire Saul Bass and Olly Moss design, not only are their designs graphically beautiful but the concepts behind their designs are brilliant. One of my favourite local designers is Rob Lowe a.k.a. Supermundane. And you never forget your first design crush: Tinker Hatfield; shoe designer for Nike.

Where or what is your favourite spot in South East London?

I wish this question was favourite spots plural rather than singular! If I’m forced to pick just one it has to be Marcella in Deptford (Brick: we also loooove this place! If you’re ever in/around Deptford… go!) The fact that I can get some of freshly made pasta that always blows my mind because of how good it is for a decent price is why it has to be my favourite. And if I’m allowed to cheat and add in a few more spots: Brockley Market, Browns coffee, Franks, Peckham Levels and Telegraph Hill.

Find more of Ted’s work here:







Taste them for the first time before it is released for general sale at the Taproom in keg or can. Get your tickets here for our brewer-led tutored tasting session to taste both beers, chat to the brewer who made them and find more about the beers’ journey! Ticket includes a welcome pint of Brick Brewery Foundation Range beer (Pils, Pale, Rye or IPA) and tasting quantities of the Martini and Manhattan Sour.

The Taproom is open as usual all weekend to try the beer exclusively too!

We’ll also be pouring them at Craft Beer Rising from 21st – 23rd February – stand 64

Introducing ROLLVNDO


This week sees the launch of another exhibition on our Taproom wall. We’re thrilled for Julia Fraile, a local paper collage artist, to exhibit her latest collection Voyage: Le Temps Des Fleurs. Originally from France, Julia is also a fashion designer by trade and uses the collages as another outlet of creativity, inspired by the contemporary culture we live in. We’re excited to have another medium make the most of our exhibition space for another talented local creative.

Julia’s collection will be on show from 7thFebruary until 24thMarch, take time to admire the exhibition when you’re next down in the Taproom. We sat down with Julia to find out a bit more about her and her work.


Tell us a bit about yourself…

 I’m Julia, 27 years old, I’ve lived in London for three years now and love the diversity and energy of city… as cliche as it sounds! I’ve always loved all forms of visual art, love surfing when I get the chance (obviously hard in London!), music and of course enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures. I started to work in collaging a few years ago as an escape to reality and an outlet for expressing my creativity.


What is your background and where did you grow up? 

I grew up in France. In Britanny in a small seaside town call Lorient. I moved to Nantes when I was 18 to Study Fashion Design in the Atelier Chardon Savard and then moved in Paris for my final year. Following this I moved to Biarritz to start a design job for a well-known surf company. A year after I moved onto Galicia in Spain to design for a Fast Fashion company and it’s at this time when that I really start to work on collage to challenge myself.


What does a typical day look like for you…

Wake up, drink a black coffee, cycle to East where I work as a designer for Billionaires Boys Club which is great as it gives me a chance to merge multiple interests, my design background and my collage work. Then it’s cycle back home and go to the gym or do collages to release any extra energy I have!!


How do you like to work?

I love to work from my flat where I have all my books, magazines and also good records to listen too! It’s not a big space but it’s for me the place I feel brings my best ideas and vibe to create.


What/who inspires you and your work?

 People, song lyrics, quotes in a book, objects, a bit of everything really. A mix of popular and contemporary culture.


Where or what is your favourite spot in South East London?


There’s an amazing old Irish pub next to my flat in Elephant that’s pretty untouched, the vibe of the locals are amazing. Theo’s is always a staple for the best pizza and during summer a cycle along the river to Wapping and then Greenwich is the perfect way to spend the day.


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