We’re Hiring!

Are you brand focused, passionate and a demon at organisation?  Then we could be looking for you to join us as our Marketing and Events Officer.

Brick is an independently run brewery which started from humble roots in a Peckham shed. Since 2013 we have been building our brewery in a railway arch in Peckham Rye, SE London and this summer we are expanding with an additional production site in Deptford, which means more beer, for more people.  This also means we need more people to join our growing team of passionate individuals to drive the brand forward.

Brand is absolutely key to us and therefore we are looking for someone special to join our team to undertake our marketing and events.  Reporting to the Brand Director, your key responsibilities would be:

·  Identify and realise Brick’s presence at key industry events and festivals throughout the UK in line with our strategy

·  Establish, organise and manage Brand led events in conjunction with our key customers

·  Organise and host events at our Tap Room

·  Create and deliver marketing plans in line with our strategy

·  Organize and create a calendar of events across London locations and our key cities

·  Create content that is engaging and memorable and in line with Brick’s brand proposition

What we’re looking for:

Experience in event management and marketing
Passion and knowledge of beer
Excellent communication skills and genuine ability to build relationships
Excellent organisation and time management skills
Social media expertise to drive engagement and execution of events and marketing activities
Ability to work independently and within a team
Proactive, organised and able to prioritise
Experience in working to budgets
Flexibility and willingness – this role will involve some evening and weekend shifts, as well as travel in the UK and potentially abroad.
Full, clean driving license

If you think you have what it takes, please send your CV and a covering letter, mentioning why you would be the right fit for this role and our brand, to marketing@brickbrewery.co.uk



2 for 1 on Brewery Tours


So, it is has been National Beer Day this month and as part of the celebrations, we have teamed up with online platform, Mr Hyde to offer 2 for 1 Brewery Tours * until 13th July.

Book a place and learn how beer is made from one of our team at the brewery and experience the key ingredients and how they are used in the brewing process.  We will have a tutored tasting session where we will walk you through the different beer flavour characteristics of three 1/3 pints of beer.  At the end of the tour, you get to grab a pint of your choice on the house and enjoy our Tap Room.

Sounding pretty good?  Then check out the details here to get your special code.

* please see the site for terms and conditions and available dates and times

New release – Melange Imperial Stout

At Brick we believe in community. Whenever possible we try to work closely with local people, local events and local businesses. This Imperial Stout is no exception. We’ve collaborated with Isabelle Alaya from Melange, Peckham Rye’s very own chocolatier, who has selected the perfect match from her range which will hang from this bottle. The chocolate complements the rich mouthfeel from the 7 malts used, the vanilla pods and cocoa nibs.

The label was once again designed by the talented, Iris Loi and her inspiration came from the 18th century when Catherine the Great of Russia was ordering huge quantities of Imperial Stout from London breweries. For her, it felt only felt right to have the visionary, intelligent, beer-loving leader be the foundation for her design.  Incorporating our love of Art Deco and our bold colour bands, Iris incorporated the brand colours of Melange and Brick perfectly to create this amazing fusion of brands.

The Melange Imperial Stout is best served at 12C to experience the full flavours, the beer is 8.6% ABV and with a 660ml bottle, ideal to be shared with someone.

Bottles are now available, check our social media channels for updated information on where you can buy them.

We are expanding!


Wow, what a journey we have been on since we started Brick back in 2013.  We first of all had to find a location and we were determined to make our brewhouse right in the heart of Peckham Rye as that is where we live and this is the community we love.  It took a long time to secure our arch on Blenheim Grove and not because it was a difficult negotiation but because it is owned by Network Rail and if anyone has ever had to work with them, you know what we mean!  We were absolutely delighted to finally get our hands on Arch 209 and started with the mammoth task of changing it from a church to a working brewery.

We had to do a lot of knocking down, some plumbing, building, painting, waiting (for 3 phase electrics) and more waiting (for lots of other things) and a lot of hours of sheer graft, just as our twins arrived – perfect timing!  But we gave it everything we had and when our 900L brew house was delivered with 2 fermenters, we loved them.

Ian started brewing and basically he did everything – brewed, sold, delivered, did the accounts and ran the Tap Room – looking back I have no idea how we did it, but we just did.  It was such a labour of love that our heart and souls were in it for the long haul.

Fast forward to summer 2015 and we were struggling to produce enough to fulfil orders. We couldn’t take on any more accounts to ensure we didn’t let our current accounts down. We had employed our first full time member of staff, Aidan.  We had built the Tap Yard and outside bar, Russell was helping Ian brew and we just had to expand.
Introducing our 3 new fermenters at 13bbl to increase our production.

These helped tremendously and we started to branch out a little in SE London.  The Tap Room was amazing and the outside space was finished, we made some more seating, unique outside urinals (if you have been, you know what we mean), we finished the decking and we welcomed our permanent resident foodies, SlowRichies.

But we still couldn’t produce enough and so in the summer of 2016, we got 4 more 16bbl fermenters and squeezed them into our space, doubling our capacity and maxing out the space.  We had no room for storage, no room for bottling, no room for any more growth and so we started looking for additional space.  We searched Peckham, driving round at weekends with the family finding locations, looking at sites, talking to estate agents but there was just nothing out there and so the area had to be expanded.  After a long search and a long process of negotiation we are super stoked to say that we have secured an additional site just down the road in Deptford!

We are most definitely staying in our arch in Blenheim Grove, Peckham but what we now can do is move the big production to our new site, freeing up space for the small brewhouse to do small batch and experimental brews.  It also means there will be more space for people to come and experience the brewery, understand more about how beer is made and enjoy our beers direct from the source.

As with everything, things take time and we are currently getting the space ready for our new brewhouse arriving in June.  Watch this space, we will keep you updated on the progress and we can’t wait to start brewing bigger and better beer for everyone.



The Ulster Exile Collaboration

Gregg Irwin from Weird Beard Brewery had the idea ages ago. The idea was to join the dots of Ulster-born brewers now living and brewing in London, and come up with a picture that somehow portrayed a collaborative Ulster-themed beer. The Ulster Exiles Project was born. Then came the idea for a brew inspired by Veda Bread, a soft malted bread we all grew up with back home. Soon, a recipe for an imperial porter was formulated, and Gregg suggested we age the fermented results in whiskey barrels. And why not, indeed.
One Saturday last year we all got together to make it happen. Gregg and Chris from Weird Beard, Jonathan Hamilton from Beavertown, Chris Heaney from Partizan, Ryan McLean from Bullfinch, and myself rocked up to Hanwell, armed with bags full of Veda which our mums sent over (thanks, ma!). We broke bread together – literally – and mashed in. A Veda bread sandwich lunch followed. Once the mash was complete, copious amounts of the Veda was laid on top of the grain, for the sparging stage. The end of brew day consisted of a very speedy clean down…perhaps because there were several brewers around who could get the job done quick…perhaps because there were several brewers who were eager for a beer.
Gregg managed to source whiskey barrels bound for Quiet Man Distillery in Derry, then the Weird Beard guys racked the fermented porter into said barrels, soaking up all the goodness. Next thing we knew, a case of bottles arrived at Brick, Beavertown, Partizan and Bullfinch, courtesy of Gregg. Mesca Ulad had finally arrived. Launching 21st April at The Woodworkers
Written by Russell Lee, Assistant Brewer



Fancy joining us?

Things are getting busy at Brick and we are looking for a full-time member of staff to join our growing team to manage our warehouse, control stock and undertake delivery / dray driving.


Full current and clean UK driving license
Must be over 25 years-old for insurance purposes and have held a UK driving license for more than three years (non-negotiable)
Knowledge of London roads and comfortable driving a long wheel base van in London
Must be physically fit and capable of bending and lifting casks, kegs and other heavy items but also able to sit for long periods
Fluent in English with excellent numerical, IT and organizational skills essential
Excellent customer relation skills – polite, responsive and helpful – with the confidence to think on your feet
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Ability to take initiatives when necessary
Reliable, flexible and hard working


Previous experience of delivery driving in London
Previous warehouse experience
Forklift training and/or familiarity
Knowledgeable and passionate about craft beer and familiar with the beer scene in London and beyond


Warehouse management
Management of stock, including tracking casks and kegs via a software programme
Use of a databases and IT
Picking stock to order
Loading and unloading stock
Planning delivery routes
Driving and delivering casks, kegs and cases of beer and cans across London and occasionally further afield
Moving stock items between brewery, warehouse and taproom
Keep records of deliveries and collections and ensure all deliveries are signed for and paperwork filed
Collect and be responsible for all cash on delivery payments
Represent Brick Brewery to consumers and provide excellent customer service
Coordinate external couriers and delivery services
Ensure safety, basic maintenance and cleanliness of delivery vehicles
Any other duties to assist in the smooth running of the brewery and taproom including assisting in packaging, event work and possible bar shifts
Hours of work are typically 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday, although flexibility and some additional hours may be required

Salary subject to negotiation upon successful application and experience level

If you think you have what it takes, to apply send your CV and covering letter to info@brickbrewery.co.uk.

Close of applications is Friday 8th April 2017

Pair 2017

Pair Logo - 2017

This summer we are delighted to be involved in the very first exciting venture of Pair.  A day of beer and food pairings with some great breweries (yes us of course) and some equally amazing food partners.  So what is it all about?

Five of the capital’s most inventive breweries, each matched up with a kick-ass food partner, with a simple brief: to make the best beers and eats possible.

For some time now there’s been a slightly problematic relationship between high-end food and beer. Go into many top restaurants and alongside the Chateauneufs, Rieslings and Dom Perignons will be an apologetic beer list that does nothing to complement the wonderful food dishes it’s offered alongside.

So we decided to do something about it. Through fresh ideas, innovation and collaboration, we want beer to take its rightful place at the high table of great cuisine. We may be a way off seeing our favourite brewers on the Fat Duck drinks list, but the time has come to make inroads.

So –  five of London’s most exciting, experimental breweries have got together, paired themselves with five food outlets/suppliers in close proximity, and have let their imaginations run riot.

Each pairing was given a briefing: to collaborate on a beer recipe which challenges convention, but of course, is first and foremost absolutely delicious. Then, using that beer, create a fantastic food dish. Salivating yet?

On Saturday June 24th, the fantastic new bar and music venue Five Miles, in the heart of vibrant South Tottenham, will host a launch party for all of these creations. There will be two sittings, at 1pm and 4pm. The event will be ticket only, £30, and this ticket will get you:

A unique, branded event glass.
A welcome drink
A two-thirds pour of each of the five collaboration beers.
Your choice of any three of the food dishes; the two you don’t choose will be available for purchase, if desired.
Bragging rights for having been at the first ever Pair event!

The partnerships:

Affinity Brew Co. & Craving Coffee

Brick Brewery & Pedler

Elusive Brewing & Stansted Farm Shop

Howling Hops Bernsteins

Weird Beard Howard’s Meat Co.

Tickets are available NOW from Pair 2017

More info on the beer and food pairings soon but ours is gonna rock!

A little bit about Brick

We worked with London based creative agency Let’s Talk to create a 60 second insight video into the world of Brick and how we have evolved since we started in 2013.

Take a look – we particularly like the slow motion action of Ian getting onto the forklift!

Stuck for Xmas Ideas?

A box of Beers from Brick Brewery, perfect for a gift Thumbnail


Well then aren’t you lucky because we have gone and thought of some nice beery gifts for you to share with your loved ones.
There are gift boxes where you can pick your favourite beers, we can add a T-shirt, glass, bottle opener or even stubby holder (because that is definitely needed in this weather), all of which make some great stocking fillers.

We also have Brick hoodies and trucker caps which I am sure will go down a storm.
All available from the Tap Room during our opening hours:

Wednesday 5pm – 9pm
Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday 12noon – 10pm

Remember you also have a chance to win these goodies by entering our raffle for Southwark Foodbank before the draw on Saturday 10th December at 6pm. Tickets only £1 each (although of course you are not limited to 1, the more you buy, the more chance you have of winning!), available from the Tap Room.

Xmas Opening Hours

People enjoying beers and food at Brick Brewery, Peckham


The team has worked incredibly hard all year round to provide you with good beer, good food, good music and a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy it all and it is time for us to all take a little break so we can start 2017 with a bang.

Our Tap Room will therefore be closed from Christmas Eve (24th December just in case you didn’t know that) until 3rd January. We re-open on January 4th to help you all get through those January blues.