New Artist in Residence: Katy Binks

As most of you will know by now, since we launched our Sour Series, we have been working with numerous artists to help us create our wonderful eye catching and colourful labels.  We had big plans this year to incorporate these artists into an Artists in Residence scheme and whilst this has been somewhat delayed and unable to be completely fulfilled, we are incredibly happy to introduce our new Artist in Residence, Katy Binks.  Her first label for us is the brand new Lemon Verbena & Mandarin Sour, launching in our online store on Friday 24th July 2020.


Wanting to share her work with you and give you a bit more insight into the artists we work with, we asked Katy a few socially distanced questions:

Katy, tell us a bit about yourself… What is your background and where did you grow up?

I’ve lived in London for 15 years,  South London for 10 years,  it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere so it’s my home. I grew up moving around quite a bit, when I was 12 my family moved to Seoul, they were in Asia until I was about 25, which included time in Singapore and Shanghai as well.  At 12, Seoul kind of blew my mind, it was so different from what I knew, that exposure to a different visual culture and big cities had a huge impact on me, I was really taken by it all.

What does a typical day look like for you…

Six months ago I would have given you quite a different answer! Right now, I’m still working towards finding a new typical, a lot has changed in the art and design world, it’s slowed down a lot, so have I. I’m an early riser, 6.30am most days, I workout most morning’s, it sets me up for the day and keeps me sane, especially during everything that’s going on right now.  Then it’s either to the studio to print, buying paper, exposing screens, maybe a bit of design work or painting walls, pitching for new work, obviously a lot of admin which I try to avoid at all costs but it underpins it all. 

How do you like to work?

Sometimes quite intuitively, I don’t like to plan too much when I print, just see where it takes me, I’m the complete opposite when it comes to painting murals – I like to have it all worked out.  I’m definitely one of those messy artists – my studio is rarely tidy.

What/who inspires you and your work?

I’m always inspired by my immediate environment and what’s going, art is how I make sense of the world around me but I’m also drawn to architecture, pattern and graphic design, which all feature in my work at different points.  If I’m thinking about other artist’s I’d have to say Matisse, particularly his Fauvist period, I also love Patrick Thomas for his stripped back graphic style.

Where or what is your favourite spot in South East London?

I love Burgess Park, they landscaped it a few years ago, I know change is coming as they pull down the Aylesbury Estate and redevelop the area but right now it’s a beautiful spot that serves the local community. 

We are very excited to see what she does next! You can see more of Katy’s work here

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