Indian Trio


Welcome to Se London’s version of India! Well, some Indian inspired beer anyway! Inspired by the rich and unique flavours of Indian cuisine, we wanted to use the same spices and ingredients to create a small range of Indian tasting beers in very different styles.

What started out as very initial ideas, soon evolved into 3 very unique tasting beers with some amazing combinations of ingredients.  Launched last week at Craft Beer Rising and hitting bottle shops/pubs/bars and restaurants this week (as long as we can get through the snow!) these are not going to be hanging around long!

Tamarind and Lime leaf Sour

Take fresh tamarind and lime leaf, add it to a Berliner Weisse Base and let the kettle do its souring thing and what you have here is a tartness from the Tamarind that enhances the sour base, whilst the lime leaf adds a distinctive citrus flavour and aroma.  We have received some amazing reviews – plus the design is pretty special too!

Mango DIPA

Juicy and Tropical.  This DIPA packs Citra, Cascade and Summit hops.  Fresh Mango adds a distinctive citrus flavour and aroma.  Bitterness is medium to allow the fruit notes to shine through; like the Indian sunshine.

Kerala Stout

Rice boats and lazy canal waterways have inspired this Kerala stout.  Cumin, cardamom and curry leaves have been bended with the warmth of chillies and cinnamon to create a tingling fragrant finish.  Perfectly balanced with the sweet, creamy mouthfeel of toasted coconut.

Here are just a few of the places in which you can get your hands on one:

Clapton Craft SE23

Ghost Whale

Park Fever

Hop, Burns & Black


Water into Beer

Bottle Cave Dulwich

Stone Mini Market

Beer + Burger Wilsden Green

Clapton Craft NW5

Dr. Ink


Three Hounds

Booma, Brixton

Real Ale 

Brick Brewery
Brick Brewery

The Brick Brewery Tap Room is open Tuesday-Thursday 5pm to 10pm; Friday and Saturday 12 noon to 12am and Sunday 12noon to 8pm. Food served every day by Slow Richie’s, except Tuesday’s.

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