Beer and Meat Pairing


There is no doubt about it, beer and meat goes well together and there are definite parallels between the British craft beer revolution and its cured meat counterpart. Both are driven by passionate people who delight in producing stunning products in small batches. They love their craft, they love building teams of like-minded people, they love growing a business, and they love to talk about what they do.

So we have got together with one of the best British suppliers of meat and charcuterie, Cannon & Cannon for a beer and meat pairing night where we get to show off their stunning flavour combinations which maybe some air-dried loin followed by a light hoppy IPA, or a rich blood, wine and chocolate salami married with a dark porter.

During the course of the evening you will be guided through 5 courses of meat and beer pairings which will stimulate the tastebuds and delight the senses. All 5 beer and meat tasters are included in the price of the ticket.

The formal part of the evening will last about an hour and a half, after which there will be an opportunity to indulge in more beers from the bar and platters of the finest British cured meat, cheese, pickles and bread. A perfect way to while away a Thursday evening.

Come and join Jake who is super excited to guide you through our beers and why they have been chosen with the meats. It all starts at 7pm on 26th October and you can book your tickets here

Brick Brewery
Brick Brewery

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